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Advanced Keylogger Software

Advanced Keylogger Software

Advanced Keylogger Software

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Advanced Keylogger Software empowers you to track all keyboard typing activities performed on computer system. Keylogger software works invisibly and helps you to know what other users are performing on your computer system when you are away. Keystroke keylogger software secretly record users' all computer activities and internet activities, such as email, instant message (MSN, ICQ, AOL and Yahoo Messenger), keystrokes, screenshots, websites visited, searching keywords, file or program downloaded, applications used, etc.

Computer activity monitor program easily generates report of recorded keystrokes in .txt or .html format as user user choice. Download keyloggers program to test and analyze software features and functionalities, if satisfied place order keyloggers download licensed version at affordable price. Key logger download program is compatible on all latest version of operating systems including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and many more. If you want to see all users activities reports which are generated in text file then you have to buy full version of keylogger instead of trial version of Key logger free program (keylogger free download program).

Key logger software monitors keystrokes activities including -

  • Chat conversation
  • Tracks Typed URLs
  • Records Visited website
  • Monitors User name
  • Records Passwords
  • Records typed documents and other activities.

Helps to monitor employees activities on PC

Software key logger easily tracks and records all employees activities performed on your computer. Your employee can misuse organization resources and theft confidential information of your company. Download key loggers software to find what your employees are doing on computer in your absence.

Helps to protect your children from internet predators-

Internet is the most valuable resource for increasing knowledge but there are harmful contents on internet that may affect your child mind. Computer spy program easily helps you to find out what your child does on internet in your absence. Download a keylogger software to know what is happening on your PC when you are away. Keylogger for free (free keylogger program) is available for 30 days after that you have to purchase full version of program.

Software security features-

  • Computer monitoring software is fully password protected that prevents unauthorized software access.
  • PC activity monitor software easily generates reports of user activities in encrypted log files that can be sent at user specified email address.
  • PC spy software runs in invisibly and does not appear on desktop, add and remove programs, control panel and remains hidden in installation folder path.
  • Keystroke logger software automatically starts monitoring as soon as Windows starts.
  • Computer monitoring program provides hot key and run command settings to unhide the software while running in hidden mode.